ETS Speed Plus Program
The ETS Elite Speed program focuses on linear and lateral speed development, reactive speed, sport specific energy system development as well as proper sprinting and deceleration mechanics to maximize speed and reduce injury susceptibility. This is the perfect complement to our Strength Plus Program.


ETS Dynamic Movement Preparation: Neuromuscular specific exercises to prepare the body for activity while addressing bio-motor abilities used during sports.

Linear Speed & Technical Mastery: Maximize acceleration and max speed potential while running as efficiently as possible by learning correct running mechanics.

Lateral Speed & Movement Mastery: Learn & apply the techniques of how to move laterally by absorbing competition-like force and becoming a true master of movement.

Deceleration: Learn how to absorb force when slowing down (or decelerating) and how to land softly when jumping to avoid injury.

Prehab: Identify and correct muscular imbalances before an acute injury occurs.

Regeneration & Nutrition Education: Information on how to recover properly after each training session to help maximize training gains.

Mobility: A world renowned post workout mobility program that will address and eliminate various movement deficiencies.