ETS Speed Plus Program

Game Breaking Speed

Performance Mastery



ETS professional athletes will experience a completely customized strength, speed, power and mobility program that will address and eliminate deficiencies while simultaneously improving the ability to perform at the highest level. Every training program is carefully designed with a systematic progression to ensure we are maximizing the athlete’s performance on the field, court or ice.

ETS Training Sessions INCLUDE

ETS Dynamic Movement Preparation: Neuromuscular specific exercises to prepare the body for activity while addressing bio-motor abilities used during sports.

Linear Speed & Technical Mastery: Maximize acceleration and max speed potential while running as efficiently as possible by learning correct running mechanics.

Lateral Speed & Movement Mastery: Learn & apply the techniques of how to move laterally by absorbing competition-like force and becoming a true master of movement.

Deceleration: Learn how to absorb force when slowing down (or decelerating) and how to land softly when jumping to avoid injury.

ETS Strength: Relevant bodyweight strengthening exercises for younger athletes to advanced dynamic, power lifting and strongman training for the more advanced that will produce unmatched results.

ETS Power: Plyometrics, medicine ball work and the ETS Vertical and Horizontal Load to Explode training methods to dramatically increase total body power output.

Energy System Development: Sport specific “conditioning” will be implemented into each athlete’s program if or when it is appropriate.

Prehab: Identify and correct muscular imbalances before an acute injury occurs.

Mobility: A world renowned post workout mobility program that will address and eliminate various movement deficiencies.